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The Flytta product set consisting watch and App can provide you with detailed insights into your condition and can help you perform safer and more effective self-management.

Use the Flytta Watch to passively monitor motor symptoms and the companion Flytta App (available on the Apple Store) to capture non-motor symptoms and manage medication schedules, fluid intake and activities of daily life.



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$500.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
  • The Watch


    The Flytta Watch can measure motor symptoms such as tremor or bradykinesia.


    Wear the watch to help monitor tremors and motor symptoms every day hassle-free.


    Medical-grade motion sensors combined with realtime MD monitoring, 24/7, with sophisticated AI and ML to monitor the user's kinetic state designed into a subtle and modern German Bauhaus-style wristwatch.


    The Bluetooth connectivity allows data to be exchanged seamlessly between the Watch and the App.


    The App


    The companion Flytta App is used to measure non-motor symptoms. The user can plan their treatment and set reminders to take medication, track their water and caffeine intake, daily step goals , moods and symptoms.


    It allows the patient to identify symptom-free periods and optimal medication times to create the best Parkinson’s management plan and to provide a more complete picture.


    In the future it boils down to condensed symptom reports to help people with Parkinson’s and their doctors better understand which factors influence their condition, giving them the information power to make better treatment decisions.


    All of these actions are aimed at one thing: improving the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s and helping them regain independence!


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